National Spanish Examination Award Recipients 2017

Congratulations to our students who took top place in the National Spanish Examination. Attaining a medal or honorable mention for any student is very prestigious because the exams are the largest of their kind in the United States with over 157,000 students participating in 2017.

National Recognition
Gold Medal Award – Alejandro M., Gabriela O., Christopher L., Ber E., Gabriela G., Vivan S., Lily M., Daniel W.
Silver Medal Award – Zachary C., Ellie E., Anna T., Caroline H., Brendan M., Jordan M.
Bronze Medal Award – Emma J., Reid K., Jayden M., Bella D., Ella S.
Honorable Mention – Ella S., Christopher R., Alexis V.

State Recognition
Gabriela G. – 1st Place
Ber E. – 1st Place
Vivan S. – 3rd Place
Anna T. – 3rd Place
Lily M. – 4th Place
Christopher L. – 5th Place
Caroline H. – 6th Place