Middle School | 6th-8th Grade

A standout among Private Middle Schools in Atlanta, GA

The idea of sending your tween to a huge middle school can seem daunting, given the emotional, physical, and social development accompanying adolescence. Atlanta Academy parents embrace the small class sizes in middle school, where students soar to new heights.

High Expectations, High Achievement

A standout among middle schools in Roswell GA and private middle schools in the Atlanta, GA area, Atlanta Academy supports each and every student as they emerge from their elementary years. High expectations for achievement, leadership, organization, creativity, self-discipline and social responsibility are the cornerstones of the Middle School program.

In Atlanta Academy’s classrooms, teachers know every student’s individual strengths and challenges, helping each child build the confidence and skills they need to succeed in Middle School and beyond. Indeed, over 94% of the Middle School graduates are accepted into their top choice high school, from prestigious private high schools to top-ranking public high schools and magnet programs.

Taking Responsibility, Building Work Habits

Throughout Middle School, Atlanta Academy students learn the importance of taking responsibility for themselves in every aspect of their lives, developing the necessary skills and work habits to succeed in high school and beyond.

Middle schoolers at Atlanta Academy:

  • Choose from a broad array of athletic and extracurricular activities beyond academics to grow socially, develop as leaders and become well-rounded individuals
  • Serve as role models during School-wide Morning Prayer, helping younger students understand what it means to be intentional in their daily lives
  • Develop the organizational skills necessary to manage more classes, greater work load, and competing demands for their time and schedule
  • Practice alternative ways of note-taking and studying, as they discover and implement what works best for them
  • Uncover their independent learning styles and preferences through engaging activities and self-discovery

Families who choose Atlanta Academy from among top private middle schools in Atlanta, Georgia and middle schools in Roswell GA, experience the success of the Atlanta Academy model every year, ultimately celebrating their confident 8th graders sitting proudly on the graduation stage. Along with the deep friendships and lasting memories, students take with them the maturity, confidence and preparedness to fuel their future success.

Experience an enriching, supportive environment that celebrates your rising middle schooler. Prepare to thrive at Atlanta Academy.