Innovation Center Fuels STEAM Program

A trailblazer among Private Schools | Roswell, Georgia

Becoming a more creative thinker, collaborator and problem-solver opens a world of opportunities in life. And you want your children to embrace those possibilities. At Atlanta Academy, it’s full STEAM ahead.


Our vibrant STEAM Program takes 21st century learning to the next level, carving out a unique place among private schools in Roswell, GA and the surrounding area. Atlanta Academy’s Innovation Center provides state-of-the-art tools, place and opportunity for students to discover, create and collaborate as they bring ideas — and baby chickens — to life.

A look inside our Innovation Center reveals STEAM projects including:

  • Working closely with animals –  creating a worm garden, hatching baby chicks – building empathy and understanding of living things
  • Computer programming, robotics and coding – writing their own “game” from a math problem — a favorite among students
  • Reinvention of everyday materials into extraordinary new designs, tools, and machines

Students and teachers work together in a constructivist teaching environment, creating a community that learns from and teaches one another. A by-product of the process is that students develop the grit, resilience and perseverance to move ideas forward.

The Atlanta Academy STEAM program and Innovation Center give children the freedom to think. With so many different ways to address a particular challenge, students tap into their own strengths to figure it out. Blending art and engineering, creative and analytical thinking, every student has the ability to excel.

Spark your child’s innovative thinking at Atlanta Academy, a trailblazer among private schools in the Roswell, GA area.