Performing Arts

Our performing arts program provides the creative thought process that is foundational to children being able to think on their feet and gives them confidence to step out of their comfort zone, make mistakes and feel empowered to convincingly deliver a message in front of an audience.

We are proud to have the Burkett Family Performing Arts Wing that houses a state of the art auditorium, sound booth, cast and crew room as well as a Music and Movement classroom. Our families enjoy many different programs including concerts, plays, debates and so much more.

Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program is purposefully designed to prepare students with critical learning, problem solving and innovation skills. It relies heavily on collaboration which helps our students value diverse perspectives, something that is increasingly important in a global society.

As part of our STEAM curriculum, this program encompasses exploration of the traditional fine arts such as drawing, sculpture and painting. In addition, the students study environmental design, interior planning, works of art in clay, wood, paper and emerging digital technologies.