Clubs and Activities

Atlanta Academy has a wide offering of clubs and activities. We believe that being involved in extracurricular activities allows our students to further develop critical life skills that will benefit their character development, such as time management and prioritizing, raising self-esteem and relationship building. Below are a few of the programs that Atlanta Academy offers.

Middle School Debate Team

Our Debate Team has established a true tradition of success, winning the North Metro Middle School Debate Championship the past 12 of 15 years. Debate participants learn methods of researching topics, how to organize and compose their material, teamwork, public speaking and critical thinking skills, plus how to examine facts on both sides of an issue. All of these skills are beneficial not only for the Middle School, but also in high school, college, the workplace, and throughout everyday life. Our goal is to have our members gain confidence, learn about a variety of current topics, and become more confident as public speakers.

Stock Market Club

The Stock Club is a dynamic extracurricular program offered to middle school students interested in learning about our market economy. The club participates in the largest ongoing, academic competition in the state, which is sponsored by the Georgia Council on Economic Education. The Stock Market Game (SMG) is an online stock trading simulation competition where teams buy and sell stocks. During the 10 week competition, students are taught basic investment strategies, how to research stocks, computational skills, interpreting graphs/charts, and how to problem solve to make group decisions.

Academic Bowl Club

The Academic Bowl is an interdisciplinary trivia activity in which two school teams compete to answer a variety of academic questions that span the middle school curricula including literature, history, science, arts, math, and even popular culture. Students buzz in during a match to answer questions individually and also work together as a team to answer multi-step questions. During the school year, our Academic Bowl team travels to regional tournaments to compete against other middle schools in the metro Atlanta area.