Faculty | Distinguished among Independent Schools in Atlanta

Raising the bar among top Private Schools in Georgia

You know that look in your child’s eyes when he really connects with a teacher. It’s the spark that fuels learning.

Atlanta Academy faculty and staff bring both the passion and talent to ignite the possibilities for your child. Raising the bar among top private schools in Georgia, Atlanta Academy’s invested faculty is a distinguishing factor among independent schools in Atlanta as well.

Qualified, Life-Long Learners

With an average of 15 years of teaching experience, our faculty members draw from a rich tapestry of background, cultures and classroom experience to engage your child. Among our Kindergarten through 8th grade teachers, 79% hold advanced degrees.To keep our instructional skills sharp, we invest annually in professional development opportunities – including week-long sessions at Columbia University for Readers and Writers Workshop training. Singapore Math consultants provide on-campus staff development to keep our math teachers at the top of their game.

As a parent choosing Atlanta Academy from among independent schools in Atlanta, you seek a challenging and relevant curriculum at all grade levels. To that end, each teacher is formally assessed by administrators through check-ins and observations and has weekly meetings with the curriculum coordinator.

Passion and Compassion

Parents tell us that they love the fact that Atlanta Academy teachers know every child. Distinguished among the top private schools in Georgia, our vibrant faculty and staff truly create a unique and nurturing experience for Atlanta Academy students.

Atlanta Academy is a passionate community of learners – teachers and students alike – working together to achieve remarkable results for your child. Get to know our teachers and staff and start making those meaningful connections to ignite the possibilities for your child.

Faculty and Staff Directory

Angela Naples
Head of School
Administration, Safety and Wellbeing
Kristi McCarthy
Director of Admissions
Administration, Admissions
David Hughes
Admissions Associate and Community Development
Administration, Admissions
Stephanie Kashdan
Director of Marketing and Communications
Administration, Safety and Wellbeing
Debra Erwin
Director of HR & Finance
Administration, Business Department
Pedro Joffre
Director of Operations and Finance
Administration, Business Department, Safety and Wellbeing
Martha Moore
Director of Advancement
Administration, Development
Meet Jenna Seigfred, our School Nurse
Jenna Seigfred
School Nurse
Administration, Safety and Wellbeing
Kevin Walker
Director of Safety
Administration, Safety and Wellbeing
D’Alma Bradley
School Counselor
Administration, Safety and Wellbeing
Michael Deubel
Athletic Director and Physical Education
Athletics, Enrichment, Lower School, Preschool, Safety and Wellbeing
Debi Trelease
Student Activities and Summer Camp
After-School Clubs, Extended School Program
Zanaysia Batts
Administrative Assistant
Administration, Safety and Wellbeing
Stephanie Irizarry
4th–8th Head
Administration, Middle School, Mini-Middle
Carolyn McCord
Preschool-3rd Head
Administration, Lower School, Preschool
Trish Mikell
Preschool-3rd Curriculum and Academic Services Director
Academic Services, Administration, Lower School, Preschool
Alejandra C Rivera
Nursery/PK1 Lead
Itzel Dominguez
Nursery/PK1 Assistant
Desiree Mas y Rubi
PK2 Lead
Diana Woods
PK2 Assistant
Cyntia Rivas
PK3 Assistant
Caitlyn Sims
PK4 Lead
Brenda Trejo
PK4 Assistant
Erin Haworth
PK4 Lead
Sonia Griffiths
PK4 Assistant
Taylor Gamache
Jr. Kindergarten
Lower School
Dana Deubel
Kindergarten Lead and New Faculty Mentor
Lower School
Paige McKay
Kindergarten Assistant
Shari Underhill
Lower School
Mily Piscoya
Kindergarten Assistant
Lower School
Courtney Robinson
1st Grade
Lower School
Jessica Yera
1st Grade
Lower School
Nileema Hasib
1st Grade Foundations
Lower School
Emily Eaton
2nd Grade
Lower School
Jennifer Fancher
2nd Grade
Lower School
Andrea Long
2nd/3rd Grade Bridge
Lower School
Veronica Mitchell
2nd/3rd Bridge Assistant
Lower School
Crystal Salas
3rd Grade
Lower School
Farrahn Thomas
3rd Grade
Lower School
Maria Munoz
Preschool - 3rd Spanish
Enrichment, Lower School, Preschool
Ali Nabors
Preschool-3rd STEAM and Art
Creative Arts, Enrichment, Innovation Center, Lower School, Preschool
David Shore
Music and Performing Arts
Creative Arts, Enrichment, Lower School, Middle School, Mini-Middle, Preschool
Amy Szumstein
Preschool-3rd Science
Lower School, Preschool
Melissa Singh
Media Center
Enrichment, Lower School, Preschool
Emma McCarthy
Creative Arts, Lower School
Julie Fischer, Mini-Middle Math
Julie Fischer
Mini-Middle Math
Felicia Hutt
Mini-Middle Reading
Frankie Linder
Mini-Middle Social Studies
Holly Clark
4th Math/Science
Alex Jones
4th Grade Bridge
Calandra Eineker
5th Grade Bridge
Viviana Cristancho
Mini-Middle Spanish
Vince Mastrototaro
Richard Ellis
Middle School Math
Middle School
Weldon Ledbetter
Middle School English
Middle School
Katie Summers
Middle School English
Middle School
Andrea Swoop
4th-8th Grade Science
Middle School, Mini-Middle
Lynn Kornegay
Middle School English
Middle School
Chris Garrett
Middle School Social Studies & Global Leadership
Middle School
Lindsey Ziegele
Middle School Science
Middle School
Maribel Yeniocak
Middle School Spanish
Middle School
Mark Harrell
Middle School Bridge
Middle School
Kristin Hochburger
STEAM & Technology Coordinator
Creative Arts, Enrichment, Innovation Center, Middle School, Mini-Middle
Judy Stokes
4th-8th Grade Visual Arts
Creative Arts, Enrichment, Middle School, Mini-Middle
Juli Guion
Executive Function
Middle School, Mini-Middle, Safety and Wellbeing
Ian Rosario
4th-8th Grade Physical Education
Athletics, Enrichment, Middle School, Mini-Middle, Safety and Wellbeing
Phoebe Ardagna
Academic Edge
Academic Services
Monique Harrell
Academic Edge
Academic Services, Lower School, Mini-Middle
Kelly Nealis
Middle School Academic Edge
Academic Services, Middle School