Debate Team receives perfect score


Atlanta Academy was proud to host the 2nd debate of the North Metro School Debate League and our team had a fantastic performance. We came in second place and battled in all three debate topics in true Gladiator style. Some highlights included a perfect “50” score by the team of Georgia L., Nilesh N., Daniela O., and Nora E.  The judges remarked that this was only the second time they have ever given a perfect score. In addition Vincent T. and Jayden M. served as captains and did a terrific job of representing our school throughout the event. 

Special recognition goes to Hanna Y. for stepping in for Will C. who was out sick; in addition she gave her own outstanding speech and answered a question as well.  Some other perfect scores for questioning were Bri H. and Hunter R.; for speeches Chris L., Zachary C., Jacob B., Georgia L. & Nora E. our top two debaters.