Discover Atlanta Academy

Founded by teachers, Atlanta Academy is a non-denominational, preschool-8th private school in Roswell, GA. We focus on giving every student the attention he or she needs to succeed. We accomplish this through our invested faculty, relevant and forward-thinking curriculum and welcoming environment. Families looking for a private school in the area near Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, and Roswell, GA, find Atlanta Academy to be a school for the whole family – where each student’s individual needs are met.


Atlanta Academy Families

Why our parents and students are raving.

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The Lohr Family

“Atlanta Academy has great teachers, smaller class sizes, and more individualized attention – making it a wonderful place for our family.”


The Jarboe Family

“We come from a family of educators and the small class size was a key factor is choosing Atlanta Academy. We have been here four years and our expectations have been exceeded! The education is top notch, the teachers and administration are wonderful, and the school community feels like family.”


The Lieberman Family – Student

“I love Atlanta Academy for so many reasons. First of all, I love the small classes. I become extremely stressed because of large amounts of people, and the small classes not only keep me relaxed, but they give everyone a chance to be acknowledged by the teacher and given the chance to clear up any questions. There are also so many fun things we do. We have a school coop with chickens, a greenhouse, and some amazing festivals and a lot of other entertainment. I’m glad I chose Atlanta Academy for my school and I hope to have an amazing next few years at the school. “

The Saldana Family

“Atlanta Academy offers just the right size classes for our children. They are known and paid close attention to each and every day. It has a family atmosphere where all teachers are watching out for the children and it is a very safe, comforting feeling for our family. After 3 years at the school, we have not run into a situation that negatively impacted our experience here. The children have a very healthy respect for all authority at the school and their daily routine runs like a well oiled machine. Any issues are dealt with timely and with appropriate action. All feedback is welcome and we always feel comfortable asking questions or making suggestions. Parent involvement is welcome and encouraged, and we all participate in activities offered. And most importantly for us, God is guiding the faculty and direction of this school without a doubt. We felt that from the moment we walked in with such polite 8th graders opening the door for us.”


The Guzman Family

“Atlanta Academy is filled with fantastic teachers and administration, and the small school environment allows them to know your student and your family very well. The curriculum is challenging and rigorous, yet with the caring teachers, it is tailored to meet your students learning needs. They can provide the individualized learning that your child needs because they are capable, equipped and supported by the administration to make appropriate accommodations. It’s an amazing school for families looking for an encouraging community for both students and parents.”


The Parker Family

“Atlanta Academy is an amazing school and community. We have been so happy and thankful to be a part of it for the last five years. Our girls have grown, matured, learned and had opportunities they would never had at any other school. This community provides them a safe place to call home while asking them to try, to put themselves out there, and to be brave while knowing they have the entire school behind them pushing them to succeed.”


The Kindred Family

“This is a school that will genuinely welcome your entire family with open arms, provide your child with all the necessary tools to succeed, and make your child feel like the most important student in the room. Most of all, each teacher will go the extra mile when your child needs them most, not just from a high level of education and creative academic structure, but also a uniqueness of feeling like ‘family’ – each member of the Atlanta Academy genuinely cares about the success of your child. We’ve been blessed to be a part of the Atlanta Academy for many years for our boys – the Atlanta Academy will always be family to us!”